SigmaSolusi Indonesia Enterprise Resources Management Business System Consultant

Providing strong fundaments for your exponential growth.

Utilizing Information Technology To Reduce Your Cost To Increase Your Revenue

Assuring your profitability and efficiency


Uses of our system can makes you control your cost. Visibly monitor your variable cost, and keeps your fix cost at appropriate level.


Its quite common for a Small & Medium Business to put their concern primarily on Sales. Uses of our system allows you to grow with (very much) less headache.


Hacking can be costly to your business as the damages caused may infinitely harm you. Either its because socially penetrated, or technically cracked; and blackmailed.


Provides you complete control to your business. Anytime, Anywhere. Even when you're on your vacation

Our Expertise

In-depth knowledge and know-how to put it on daily practical uses.

PHP, MySQL, JQuery, BootStrap, CentOs, HighAvailability, Cluster Database

We uses Server-Side-Processing application. Instead of taking care plenty of end-user nodes, its wiser to put our effort on the core for higher security. This will provides:
> Lower cost user's hardware requirements.
> Less painful data backup & updates / patches.
> One time development suitable for various devices (such as Mobile Devices) without system installation.

Holistic Approach to Management Cycle

We develop custom cloud computing solution developer for business; which covers fully integrated business management tools for:
> Customer Relationship Management
> Enterprise Resource Planning
> Inventory Control
> Production Planning
> Supply Chain Management
> Finance Management
> Accounting

Our Services

We are catalyst for your business exponential GROWTH

Strategic Management Consultation

We provide success roadmap for your business, strengthen its fundaments, and lets you grow big without headache. Trough integrated approach from human, technology, and business nature; we will assure efficent way to achieve the objective.

Infrastructure Management

Downtime, Distributed Customer Based Location, and Massive Traffic can be nightmare for business especialy those who need 24/7 to run their business. We're capable to provide High Availability Servers with Load Balancers and Cluster Database to assure your business to run smoothly.

Business System Development

We're doing great at rewriting business rule into a system. We reduce the multiple entries (it means multiple human error possibilities), safe-guarding your Standard Operational & Procedures, and provide reports for your discernment.

System Implementation

To develop system is easy; as there can only be 1 and 0; either it works or fail. We can tell the machine what to do, where to do, when to do, and how you want it to be done. But it less likely when you do system implementation. Plenty factors involved and we're here to assist you for successfull system implementation.

Our Products

Beautifully crafted system with plenty features.

Corporate Online Presence

Website Profile Development

Your website is your branding media. We can power up with integration to your back office. For example, our Hotel Website is not only represent its building, but also capable to receive online booking and payments.

Online Store for High Impact Online Viral Marketing

Social Deal System

Our online store may serve conventional ecommerce, but we power it up with Social Deal System. Organic growth to your visitors is assured.

Hotel Booking System

Fast, Easy, & Secure Hotel Booking System

Hotel Booking System offers marketplace to sell hotel room. Customer takes benefit of abundance hotel and rate choices, as for the hotel operators it can maximizing hotel's occupancy.

Hotel Management

Hotel Back Office Management Systems

Hotel Back Office Management Systems offers ease of hotel management, integrated from its website to guest checkin, travel agents, facilities rental, guest checkout, cleaning, ammenities, finance, etc.

Restaurant Management

Restaurant Integrated Systems

SigmaSolusi Indonesia offers ease of management to restaurant / bakery operation. Integrated from Waiter's order taking, Kitchen notification, Cashier, and its Cost of Goods Sold.

Factory Management

Made-to-order Factory Management Systems

SigmaSolusi Indonesia offers ease of management for made-to-order, from sales quotation, bill of materials, production, human resource management, and financial reports.

Distribution & Retail Management

Distributors & Retail Management System

SigmaSolusi Indonesia offers ease of management for Distributors with capability to create own stores as much as possible, integrated retail and distributorship management.

Cloud Hosting

Our Cloud. Secure.

SigmaSolusi Indonesia offers web application hosting, backups, loadbalance servers, and cluster database to assure your always online system.